Wealthbuilders.com.au Reviews

Wealthbuilders.com.au reviews continue to flow through from clients who are now well on their way to enjoying a wealthy lifestyle.

With so many positive reviews coming from our past clients it is no wonder why Custodian continue to change people’s lives for the better.

When Heiner & Karin Karst arrived in Australia with three young children, they started their new life with almost no net wealth. Today they own their own home and have built a portfolio valued at approximately $3.5million.

After reading John Fitzgerald’s 7 Steps to Wealth  Heiner immediately made an appointment with Custodian and picked up two properties, using the equity in their home for the deposit. Heiner and Karin can now savour a financially secure future full of options. Heiner says, “Now I can do what I was born to do, not what I have to.”

Says Karin of their experience, “People need to know that Custodian is different … they kept their word and did everything they said they would.”

“It’s impossible to stand still when associated with a person like John Fitzgerald. He’s growing and expanding his mind all the time so we couldn’t help being ‘infected’. And he very generously shares his insights with his Custodian clients and inspires and challenges us all the time.”

Many other couples including David and Dada Bailey  have provided us with glowing testimony of the service we provide. Now with a portfolio of 10 houses the couple have recently restructured their finances and plan to move into their ‘dream home’ to enjoy their retirement.

David spoke to numerous accountants, financial advisors and tax agents before attending one of John Fitzgerald’s seminars. He quickly saw a straight forward way of passively building wealth through property investment.

“Property is not just bricks and mortar. It’s recognised as a solidly performing investment option. It gives us a continuous growth with proven increases in capital value over many years and good rental return. The banks allow us to regularly review the property value and access the increase in equity to buy additional properties. It’s not a vehicle for instant wealth, but by following John’s duplication philosophy, we’ve found that the compound growth benefits over the longer term are unbelievable,” David enthuses.

David and Dada regularly attend John Fitzgerald’s presentations and Custodian seminars and find they learn something new every time.

Custodian have been helping Australians build wealth through residential property investment for over 30 years.

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