Custodian Show You How to Create Income & Assets

If you live in Australia and really have a desire to create an extra income, build some assets and achieve a net worth over two million, then it’s time to start building your knowledge bank with Custodian.

The absolute best path to sustainable and reliable wealth is to invest in Residential Rental Properties. It is by far the most rock solid investment strategy there is for all Australians, not just the wealthy.

Our Custodian Investment Workshops and other available materials will show you that any time is the right time to buy Real-Estate in Australia. At the moment, Real-Estate isn’t selling like it used to for many reasons.

People just don’t have the available cash, or they don’t realize it doesn’t take a ton of cash to get started and therefore exempt themselves from the market. It’s their lack of knowledge that keeps them from taking advantage of these great lower property values and the fact that banks are freeing up more capital to those looking to invest in property – and, at low rates.

There’s also the fact that a growing number of baby boomers just aren’t as interested in owning their own homes any longer and prefer to rent. There’s a substantial part of your rental market right there. The baby boomers are going to be around a long time, and that means long term rentals for people willing to invest in Rental Properties. So, if they aren’t willing or able to Property Invest – you may as well!

Here’s how you create wealth by Investing in Rental Property. You buy the property, the rental income covers the mortgage and gives you some extra income on top and as you’re paying down the mortgage you’re gaining equity in the property, which can used as leverage for more property. Then you do it all over again. More properties obviously means more income and more asset building. And, of course, there is always the property value increases which you can capitalize on two ways; more borrowing power and if you want to sell a property, you’ll make a profit on that property, plus all that income you made when you owned it.

Is it easy? No, but it’s simple, and a group like ours at Custodian can help you get started. It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you’re committed, it will happen faster than you may have thought.

So, if you want to get started, contact us and we’ll set you up with one of our Property Investment Workshops where you’ll learn from the experts.

You’ll benefit from not just the mechanics of how to get started, but also what areas are hot right now and into the future and how the world economy will effect Australia – especially how China factors in. You’ll leave with a desire to get started that’s just as big as your desire to create wealth.

*extract from Custodian Millionaire Case Studies magazine printed in 2012.
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